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.Terms of Service

The service terms as published on are applicable to all services of Fishdeal and its website. By using the services of Fishdeal, you confirm having read and understood this agreement and to agree with our terms of service. For amendments and additions to any provision in our Service terms, you should consult this webpage.

The website ‘’ is managed by:

Building 4 Eaton Complex
Gatehouse Close
HP19 8DE
United Kingdom

Laanakkerweg 16
4131 PB Vianen

The terms and conditions and the privacy statement are being used by the manager and operator of Fishdeal, under the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht, with the registration number 30192999, VAT number: 8127.67.949.B.01

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact Fishdeal.

The following delivery and payment conditions apply to all our deals. The conditions are accessible to everyone and listed on our homepage We send written copies on request.

By placing an order, the buyer acknowledges that he/she agrees with the delivery and payment conditions of Fishdeal. Fishdeal has the right to change the payment and delivery conditions after expiry of the established term. If a buyer receives a product that the he/she did not order, they shall inform Fishdeal as soon as possible. Any inaccuracies in information from Fishdeal must be reported by the buyer to Fishdeal.

Guaranteed price
Fishdeal guarantees that prices will not increase within the stated 24 hours, unless legal measures make this necessary or if the manufacturer or supplier increases the price in the interim. Fishdeal is not obliged to process a order, nor to reimburse any loss of the purchaser, when it has made a mistake presenting the product, stating its specifications, or misquoting the price and i) that it should have been clear to the purchaser that a misprint was made, or ii) when the purchaser, under the given circumstances, could not reasonably have expected Fishdeal to deliver that specific product with those properties for the quoted price.
The prices mentioned on the website include 20% VAT.

Shipping costs
Fishdeal charges separate shipping costs. These may vary per product.

Safe Payment
Fishdeal offers various electronic options for safe payment:
PayPal: by using PayPal the Customer may transfer money either from his/her bank- or giro-account, credit card or PayPal-account. All payments are made via a secure network. All personal details of the purchaser are absolutely secure.

After having the order confirmed and receiving payment Fishdeal will do its best to deliver the order as soon as possible.

Although Fishdeal will do the utmost to respect the mentioned shipping times it will not be liable for any potential delay in shipping.

Approval period
If not otherwise stipulated, the Customer has the right to dissolve the purchase-agreement without any reason and to return the order within 50 days after receiving the product.
If the Customer wants to exercise the right to withdraw, the product should be unpacked or used only in the means necessary to confirm that the Customer wants to keep the product. During this term the Customer shall handle the packaging and the product with care. The Customer will return the product to Fishdeal together with all the delivered accessories and, as much as possible, in the original state and packaging and according to our reasonable and clear return-Policy. You can find the instructions for your return on the back of the packing slip/ flyer which is included in every delivery. If you wish to exercise the right to withdraw your order you need to return the product within 50 days after receipt. Make sure you take note of our Returns Policy (at the bottom of our webpage) and follow the return-guideline.
De shipping costs for the return of the product will be for the Customer. When dissolving the purchase agreement within the mentioned term Fishdeal will return the shipping costs to the customer after receiving the product. Our return Policy does not apply to the following products: a) products of which the price is affected by fluctuations on the Financial market, on which Fishdeal has no influence; b) products which are : i) created according to specifications requested by the Customer; ii) of clear personal-use (example: underwear or epilators); iii) not suitable for return because of their nature; iv) may spoil or age rapidly; c) audio- and video-recordings and computer-software if the seal has been broken by the Customer; d) papers and magazines.

Our not-good-money-back-warranty guarantees that the delivered products meet the agreement and meet the specifications stated in the offer. If you nevertheless disagree with this, Fishdeal will refund you the full amount within 7 days, if the terms of our Return Policy are met and, after receiving the returned product, it is clear that the products are different from the products ordered, or Fishdeal will take care of any repair. Fishdeal guarantees that the products delivered by us will fulfill the demands of usability, reliability and durability as these are stated by both parties in the purchase-agreement and vouches for the warranty of the product as issued by the factory. De warranty terms issued by Fishdeal will be the same as those issued by the factory.

This warranty does not apply if the malfunction is due to:
- inattention, or
- intentional damaging, or
- careless neglect.

The warranty-claim will also expire if third parties, other than Fishdeal, have made repairs or other changes to the product, without the permission of Fishdeal.

Personal details and privacy
The legal regulations concerning the protection of personal details, as mentioned in the Law for Protection of Personal-details, are also executed by Fishdeal.
For instance, the customer always has the possibility to look into, change or delete his or her own details. By logging into and selecting the “my menu” tab on the website the customer is able to view his or her details.
Fishdeal will save the details given by the customer to a file. These details will be used for the execution of the order as made by the customer and will be saved as long as necessary for the handling of potential complaints concerning the handling of the order. Fishdeal guarantees that all personal details will be handled with the highest possible care and that these details will not be passed on, sold or will be made available to a third party.

1. Sometimes the Fishdeal website has vouchers on offer which can be used as vouchers for services or goods from other enterprises (Merchants).
Provider of the vouchers and the debtor of the services or products mentioned in the vouchers are the Merchants as indicated by Fishdeal, who will supply these services or goods as based on their specific Terms and Conditions. Fishdeal is not the seller of these goods and services. The Fishdeal voucher which you can purchase is exchangeable for goods or services from this seller of goods and services, hereafter described as “Merchant” (respectively “Merchants”).
2. Fishdeal vouchers guarantee you the right of receiving the services from the indicated Provider. Fishdeal herself is not obliged to deliver the services and goods mentioned in the voucher. For usage of services provided by Fishdeal the following general terms of use apply exclusively. The goods and vouchers sold by Fishdeal are ment for a specific service (event-voucher), a specific product (product-voucher) or a specific service, respectively Goods-value (value-voucher).
3. This is how you purchase a product / voucher from our Website:

3.1 Select the purchase button “Buy Now” on our homepage.
3.2 Select the desired number of products / vouchers.
3.3 Fill in your name and email address and your bank-details (name, account-number, bank) or credit card-details.

3.4 The record of your purchase offer will take place by confirmation of the Terms of Use and by pressing the “buy now” button. The acceptance of the purchase agreement by Fishdeal will take place by sending the confirmation email.

3.5 Print the voucher and redeem it with the specified Merchant. By purchasing a product this will be sent to the adress given by you.

3.6 The name of the purchaser (user) and the unique Fishdeal voucher-code should be clearly visible on the voucher at all times. In all other cases the Merchant has the right to refuse you as a user.

4. The duration of the voucher-sale is limited per offer by Fishdeal. You can find this information per offer on the website. After the expiration of an offer on Fishdeal there will be no further possibility to purchase that specific product on the website

5. Dispute policy direct debit.
If the end user does not agree with the debit from the account of the end user, the end user can contact Fishdeal by sending an email to [email protected]. The end user will receive an answer within 48 hours. If the dispute is justified, the collected sum will be transferred immediately to the account from which it has been debited. If the end user has any questions regarding our refund- and dispute policy he can always contact [email protected].

6. After the successful purchase the confirmation will be sent per email to the email address that you have given while submitting your order. The voucher will be sent directly after we have registered the payment on our account.

7. The end user will receive the voucher per email after a successful purchase. This will be sent immediately after the due amount has been debited and registered on our account. You can find the following information on the voucher: the voucher conditions, validity, Merchant, location and price. The voucher can only be redeemed with the Merchant if the end user has printed the voucher with the NAW-details and the unique voucher-code clearly visible.

8. All Fishdeal vouchers are provided with two unique voucher-codes. When the user redeems the voucher with the Merchant, the Merchant will compare the name on the voucher and the voucher-code to the ones on the list which the Merchant has in his possession. De voucher-code and the name of the user have to be identical to the ones on the list which he has in his possession. When in doubt the Merchant has the right to ask the user for a proof of his identity. Multiplying, modifying or tampering with the voucher by the end user is not allowed. When violating this agreement as mentioned earlier or if there has been any other fraud involving the voucher provided by Fishdeal, Fishdeal will keep her right to take legal action towards the offender and immediately delete his/her Fishdeal–account.

9. The offer/deal details and the conditions for a specific offer are to be checked thoroughly by every user before purchasing a voucher. The vouchers provided by Fishdeal can not be used in combination with other offers, unless stated differently. The credit stated on the voucher is to be fully used at one time. If the credit is not fully used on during first usage, the difference will expire. A refund for the difference is not possible.

10. The Fishdeal vouchers do not provide a right to receive a service or product at a given point of time. We advise the end user to contact the Merchant to agree on a point of time.

11. If there is a term of validity mentioned on the voucher, than the end user has to redeem his/her voucher with the Merchant within that term of validity. If the user does not use his voucher within the term of validity, his/her voucher will become useless and he/her will lose his/her right to the value of service or goods from the Merchant.

12. Fishdeal guarantees that the Fishdeal voucher can be used at the indicated Merchant. If the end user respects the terms, as mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions and on the Fishdeal voucher itself, and the Merchant does not provide the service or product, the end user will be refunded by Fishdeal for the amount paid by him for the voucher. De end user agrees that the use of this website is on his own risk. Neither Fishdeal, nor her Merchants, her employees or third parties who deliver content, guarantee that use of the website will be without any interruption or without any faults. Nor will they guarantee the exactness, reliability or content of any information, service or purchase through the website. Fishdeal is not responsible for the services for which no Fishdeal vouchers can be used – Fishdeal does not guarantee the end user for the quality, safety, usefulness or any other aspect of the deal which Fishdeal offers. The end user takes full responsibility for his or her own actions by using a service provided by Fishdeal. The end user agrees to compensate Fishdeal and all of her affiliate Merchants and their respective managers and employees for all claims and costs, including attorney’s fees, which result from the use of the website by the end user.

13. The end user acknowledges that, although the internet is an often safe environment, sometimes there may be interruptions in the services or occurrences which are not controllable by Fishdeal. In this case Fishdeal itself is not to be held responsible for the loss of data during the transfer of information over the internet. Although Fishdeal targets to have to website operational 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, it may occur that in some cases the website will not be available, related to routine-maintenance, for this we do not give any limitation.

14. Fishdeal does not share the details given by the end user with third parties. All details will be exclusively used for the correct and customer friendly operating of the services offered by Fishdeal.

15. Fishdeal at all times has the right to make changes, including suspending of activities, but not limited to, the content, hours of availability and the equipment which is necessary to use or access the website. Fishdeal has the right to distribute partial information as well as information per category. Fishdeal is also allowed to make changes or delete transmission methods of information and the speeds of these.

16. The end user may not upload plant or provide anything on the website which is material protected by copyright, trademark or any other ownership without the explicit permission of the owner of the copyright, trademark or any other ownership. The end user is fully liable for any damage which results from a violation of copyright, trademarks, ownership or any other damage which results from such a submission. The end user guarantees, by providing content to a public section of the website, that the owner of such content has given explicit permission to Fishdeal to use such content, to reproduce, modify, adjust, publish, translate and distribute the content (complete or partially) and/or to include it in other works, in what form so ever, in present-day media or in technology still to be developed.

17. Fishdeal has the right to make adjustments, partially delete or add to the Terms of Service within its own insight and without any prior announcement or notification.
At all times you can see the version of the Terms of Service of Fishdeal which is in force on our website: By using the website you (“you” or the “End user”) agrees to the conditions composed by Fishdeal. If the end user does not wish to agree with the General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use” or “Agreement”), Fishdeal would like to ask the end user to withhold him/her from any use of the website.

18. In case there are individual agreements in effect in agreement with a Merchant this does not undermine the rest of the contract.

19. The end user should not post or send any content from this Website that is illegal, threatening, insulting, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, profane or any other condemnable behavior that would result in a felony, would lead to civil liability or any other violation of the law.

20. Fishdeal has the right but not the duty to monitor the content of the website at all time, including the chat-rooms and the forums which are included as a section of the website, to determine all the operational rules and to verify compliance of the Terms of Use, as well answering to any applicable law-or regulations or authorized request by the government.

21. If any of these conditions appear to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, the rest of the conditions will not lose any of their force. Fishdeal has the right to adjust in such way that such condition(s) are not longer invalid, unlawful or unenforceable.

22. Fishdeal has the right to transfer the rights and obligations from this Agreement to a lawyer related to Fishdeal at any desired moment without any prior announcement.

23. Fishdeal is always allowed to adjust or expand its service.

24. This agreement is submitted to and has to be explained according to Dutch law. Concerning disputes related to, or affaires resulting from, or in relation with this agreement all parties will submit to the exclusive authority of the judge in Utrecht (Netherlands).